About Sera

I'm a passionate being: a whirl-wind of compassion, laughter, thought, self-awareness, both calm and excitement, advocacy and observation. Ultimately: I live and breathe lovingkindness.

In the summer of 2011, I journeyed with The Artist's Way. I solidified the understanding that I must release my thoughts daily in some way. If not, it's my sign I am hiding from some part of my sacred truth and feminine intuition.

I believe in healing (oneself) for growth and good-natured intentions for the benefit of all. I believe this process never ends, and while it begins with our parents, it ends with self love. There is no end goal to attain :read: perfection. That being said, I struggle with perfectionistic tendencies, and challenge myself daily: don't sweat the small stuff and please PLAY
I am a complex concoction of fire and water. I am a true ambivert, a social yet solitary being, yet connected to each of you. 

I'm optimistic with a healthy dose of rational. I'm here to do the work to keep that inner fire burning bright. 
From my naturally playful and attuned heart to yours, I wouldn't change it for the world.