Saturday, May 14, 2011

Nurturing. Part 1.

Today is a rainy day.  Dreary, overcast, and colder than not.  A day you'd want to spend wrapped up in a blanket, soaking in the tub, or baking in the kitchen.  I plan on doing all three.  Today is a silent day in my heart, a peaceful day.

Yesterday was Friday.  A busy day.  I worked all day and I babysat all evening.  When I finally made it home, or probably even before then, I was spent.  It's been a long week in so many ways.  I just needed to sleep.  I came home, left the lights off, turned off the TV,  and opened the back door to the porch.  I then cuddled deep into the couch, completely consumed by my favorite corduroy comforter.

Comforter.  That was all that I needed at that moment: to be comforted.  I need that a lot lately.  I eventually made my way to the shower to wash off the day, the week.  I fell asleep quickly once I allowed myself to settle. 

Today I slept in an hour later than I am able to during the week.  I felt rested.  I wanted coffee.  I was ready to start my day (this doesn't always happen).  Z was heading to work, so I made coffee in time to send some with him (nurturer that I am).  I wrote my Morning Pages: today was Day Seven.  I also had my first unplanned interruption.  I quickly got back to my writing while the repair man installed our new microwave.  I had no idea he was coming, or I would have planned differently.  Either way, I completed my first week without fail.  I remember hearing this somewhere: it takes seven days to start a new habit.  Regardless of the science behind that, I'm going to make it my Truth.  I officially have a new habit nurturing my spirit.

Repair man gone, Morning Pages complete.  I returned my brother's call from last night, which turned out to be just a pocket dial.  An appreciated call nonetheless.  We talked about our mom; I'll save that subject for another post.  Then I asked him about these little pods that have developed on my spider plant and told him I'd send him a photo. Apparently that put me in an immediate inquisitive and playful mood.

Now, this is just a baby hanging off of the Momma plant, and you can see three of the little pods I was talking about.  (See those paintbrushes in the background too?  We will get to those in this journey, I promise.)  Momma's sprouted about 8 babies in the last few months, maybe more.  I decided despite the cold, I was going to go onto my back porch and replant Momma, as I've been wanting to for a while now.

So this is how we started: Momma and two of her older babies that I've grown in separate pots and a barren hanging pot.

And this is how we finished... with Momma planted in with her two babies for fullness, and 3 more babies being nurtured until they can grow on their own.  Momma already looks happier, though I can't actually hang her because I need her to block the passage for my kitty to get off the porch....

Then there was another problem.  I completely over-saturated my aloe plant without realizing it because the pot it was in was too small and I could barely get to the soil to see how moist it actually was.  (Have I told you about my olive thumb yet?) So she was replanted, too.  I put her in a larger pot (actually the one Momma Spider was in) along with some new soil.  I surrounded her with some other plants and objects to help support her heavy limbs.

Once this still-life was set up, I couldn't help but notice the words in my head, "I get by with a little help from my friends..." (So if you're now craving a Beatles flashback click here.)

On a semi-related note:

This little bugger just makes me smile.  Originally what I purchased my bamboo plant in, my mom, aunt and I did some planting and re-potting while they were visiting over Easter weekend.  I was sad when we re-potted the bamboo and I had nothing to fill this amazing little elephant-pot.  So my mom bought me this cactus when they visited the Botanical Garden the day I had to work.  My mom has always been amazingly thoughtful like that.

So there we go.  This post is a little more Slow Love Life than my usual.  I needed it.  I played a little today.  I feel nurtured.  I think this counts toward my Artist's Date, don't you think?

I have to bake a cake for a graduation party this afternoon.  I don't think I'll mind playing some more at all.

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