Friday, May 20, 2011

Theme 18: Under

'I'm going under'

Under. Sinking... falling.
Under. It's become nonsensical.

Create a world around you where you won't go under.

Embrace the changes as they come
So you don't slip and fall - become one with them
So you aren't taken under.

Beneath yourself.  To another place
Under where you are meant to be.

Never stop hearing, speaking, shouting your words,
Thoughts, ideas... let them be heard
Or they shall go under....

It is your Truth and only your Truth that will be lost...
To no one but yourself... and while that may
Make this all seem so trivial in meaning,
It is your life
Your RIGHT to be heard, to be felt, to be UNDERstood. 

I find myself asking the same questions I asked over a decade ago
When I was just a babe (some people think I still am).
I feel it slipping away... that youth.
But I've had that sinking feeling before.. that feeling of going under...

And I know I have it in me to fight, TO FIGHT until
Things turn around, and I come out okay,
I can't help but wonder HOW LONG
until I go under again.

How long in what seems a perpetual game I play
I've become a part of and haven't yet found/formed the tools to escape...

I'm going under.. just speaking these words... shame on me.
These words I've spoken so many times and, for over a decade now,
Have become so tired of speaking again and again. 

We shall rise.  We shall rise alone or with one another...
It doesn't really matter.
Into our greatness... one day it will come;
(I can almost promise this.)
We know it exists we just have to start from the bottom...
Under all of this... this pressure,
Under where we feel we were meant be.

I'm with you if you'll be here with me...
I bring myself back here to you every time
I feel I'm going under....

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